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    Second Sunday of Lent (C)

    Second Sunday of Lent (C) Mass Readings: 156 – 159 Order of Mass: Pages 7 – 60   FLAME 2019             It was the 2nd March 2019 FLAME. I was a little apprehensive and I wasn’t sure what the feelings were;  but there was excitement, exhilaration and anticipation all at once as we were…

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    First Sunday of Lent (C)

    First Sunday of Lent (C) Mass Readings: 153 – 156 Order of Mass: Pages 7 – 60 First Reading:  an early creed or confession of faith, recalling the rescuing of the people of God in the Exodus.  The ‘wandering Aramaean’ refers to Jacob. Psalm: this is a rare occasion when the psalm refers to the…

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    The Eighth Sunday (C)

    Eighth Sunday (C) Mass Readings: 144-146 Order of Mass: Pages 7 – 60   First Reading: Just as an orchard is judged by the quality of its fruit, so a person’s talk shows what kind of person he is. This links up with what Jesus says in the Gospel: A tree is known by its fruit….

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    The Seventh Sunday (C)

    Seventh Sunday (C) Mass Readings: 141-144 Order of Mass: Pages 7 – 60   First Reading: Because of his great success on the battle field. David was very popular with the people. As a result, Saul became jealous of him, saw him  as  a threat, and sought to kill him. This reading contains the moving…

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    The Sixth Sunday (C)

    Sixth Sunday (C) Mass Readings: 139 – 141 Order of Mass: Pages 7 – 60 Racial Justice Sunday Racial Justice Sunday is on 17 February 2019. The theme this year is “Dignity for all workers”, recognising the problems faced by people due to racism and ethnic discrimination in the workplace. In a world steeped in…

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    The Fifth Sunday (C)

    Fifth Sunday (C) Mass Readings: 135 – 138 Order of Mass: Pages 7 – 60 The story of the miraculous catch of fish and the call of the first disciples. However the emphasis is on the latter; the miracle is merely the setting in which the call happens. The spotlight is on Peter; his companions…

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    The Fourth Sunday (C)

    Fourth Sunday (C) Mass Readings: 132 – 135 Order of Mass: Pages 7 – 60    The first reading reminds us that as Jeremiah was called by God to proclaim his Word, we too, are being called to proclaim, as the Second Vatican Council states that we are all prophets. Sometimes we would feel alone,…

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    The Third Sunday (C)

    Third Sunday (C) Mass Readings: 129 – 132 Order of Mass: Pages 7 – 60  First Reading:  after the return to Jerusalem of the people from exile Ezra the scribe reads from the Book of the Law from a wooden dais.  This would become the way in which the scriptures were read in the synagogue,…

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St Anthony’s Primary School

St Anthony of Padua RC

Established in 1878, revived in 1927 & consecrated on 14th June 1950. We are a registered charity under the Archdiocese of Southwark with Parish Priest Father Sunith Nonis & Assistant Priest Father Stuart Meyer.



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