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    Sixteenth Sunday

    Sixteenth Sunday First Reading: Jeremiah’s prophecy of good shepherds and a wise king came true, Christians would say, in the coming of Jesus Christ. Psalm:  perhaps the most well-known of the psalms is a song of confidence in the Good Shepherd, who is, of course, Jesus Christ. Second Reading: the Jewish law created a barrier…

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    Fifteenth Sunday (Sea Sunday)

    Fifteenth Sunday First Reading: despite not being a member of the order of prophets and being merely a shepherd and sycamore tree cultivator, Amos is nonetheless called 3 by God to prophesy. Psalm: in his mercy God has forgiven us before; now we ask him to forgive us again. Second Reading: today we hear the…

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    Fourteenth Sunday

    Fourteenth Sunday First Reading: this is but one example of how throughout Old Testament times the people of God rejected the prophets he sent. Psalm: let us sing or say this psalm in acknowledgement that we have at times rejected God and his messengers. Second Reading: St Paul mentions the ‘thorn in the flesh’ he…

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    Saints Peter and Paul

    Saints Peter and Paul   First Reading: the angel of God saves Peter from Herod’s prison. Psalm: this is a song for martyrs. St John Fisher recited part of it on the scaffold. Second Reading: clearly feeling near the end of his life, Paul states that God has saved him from all the evils he has experienced and…

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    The Twelfth Sunday

    Twelfth Sunday First Reading: this is an extract (from chapter 38 of Job, not chapter 3 as it says in the Lectionary) from God’s explanation to Job for his suffering.  In describing his role in creating the waters, God uses the words of parental discipline: he is like a father who sets boundaries for his…

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    The Eleventh Sunday

    Eleventh Sunday First Reading: Ezekiel predicts God’s restoration of Judah, using the imagery of planting a cedar tree.  These Old Testament texts provide the background for Jesus’ words in the Gospel. Psalm:  this psalm, which has been described as ‘the song of a happy man’, picks up the image of the cedar tree from the…

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    The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

    Corpus Christi First Reading: this tells of the covenant between God and Moses, which involved blood sacrifices.  For Catholics – people of the new covenant – every Mass is a sacrifice, a representing of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. The Psalm continues the theme of the thanksgiving sacrifice. Second Reading: Christ is the mediator of…

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    The Most Holy Trinity

    The Most Holy Trinity First Reading: this is perhaps the first and clearest statement we find in the Old Testament of monotheism, the belief that there is one God and no other. The Psalm blends various attributes of God, who is faithful, concerned with justice and love, the creator, the rescuer of his people from…

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St Anthony’s Primary School

St Anthony of Padua RC

Established in 1878, revived in 1927 & consecrated on 14th June 1950. We are a registered charity under the Archdiocese of Southwark with Parish Priest Father Sunith Nonis & Assistant Priest Father Stuart Meyer.



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