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    The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

    Corpus Christi First Reading: this tells of the covenant between God and Moses, which involved blood sacrifices.  For Catholics – people of the new covenant – every Mass is a sacrifice, a representing of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. The Psalm continues the theme of the thanksgiving sacrifice. Second Reading: Christ is the mediator of…

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    The Most Holy Trinity

    The Most Holy Trinity First Reading: this is perhaps the first and clearest statement we find in the Old Testament of monotheism, the belief that there is one God and no other. The Psalm blends various attributes of God, who is faithful, concerned with justice and love, the creator, the rescuer of his people from…

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    Pentecost Sunday

    Pentecost Sunday The First Reading – the account in Acts of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles – puts fear and trembling in the hearts of Mass readers everywhere, because of the many names! Psalm: this is the traditional one for this day. For the Second Reading either that from 1 Corinthians…

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    The Ascension of the Lord

    Ascension of the Lord The First Reading from the Acts of the Apostles (which begins with the Ascension of the Lord), the Psalm (which Christian tradition has always taken to refer to the Ascension, for obvious reasons), and the first option for the Second Reading (from Ephesians 1) are the same in all three Years. …

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    The Sixth Sunday of Easter

    Sixth Sunday of Easter Mass Readings: Page 266 – 268 Order of Mass: Pages 7– 47 First Reading: even as Peter was speaking the Holy Spirit did amazing things and came upon Cornelius and his companions, final proof that Christianity was for the pagans or Gentiles as well, not just the Jewish people. Psalm:  the…

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    The Fifth Sunday of Easter

    Fifth Sunday of Easter Mass Readings: Page 264 – 266 Order of Mass: Pages 7– 47 First Reading: when Saul returned to Jerusalem after his conversion, unsurprisingly the disciples were afraid of him.  But Barnabas shows courage and forgiveness, and enables Paul (as he becomes) to begin preaching the good news of Jesus. Psalm:  the…

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    The Third Sunday of Easter

    Third Sunday of Easter Mass Readings: Page 258 – 261 Order of Mass: Pages 7– 47 First Reading: in his homily St Peter says that for the people of Israel the only proper response to the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ is repentance, for the resurrection has the power to wipe out their sins. The…

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St Anthony’s Primary School

St Anthony of Padua RC

Established in 1878, revived in 1927 & consecrated on 14th June 1950. We are a registered charity under the Archdiocese of Southwark with Parish Priest Father Sunith Nonis & Assistant Priest Father Stuart Meyer.



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