Parish Monthly Newsletter (July 2021)


Parish Monthly Newsletter (July 2021)

Welcome to St. Anthony’s Church


¨ Please wear a face covering in Church.

¨ Please remember to sanitise your hands on entering and leaving the Church.

¨ Please write down your name and contact details so that you can be contacted in the event of coronavirus cases at the Church.  This information is kept securely by Father Sunith.  Please do contact Father Sunith if you begin to feel unwell after attending Mass.

¨ Please follow the one way system in place in the Church.

¨ To maintain social distancing only every other pew is available with green markers to show the positions available.

¨ If you wish to receive Communion please stay in your pew and Father will come to you.

¨ To avoid cross contamination, please refrain from touching the statues.

¨ Please put your church donations into the donation boxes.

¨ The Church is cleaned after every Mass to avoid cross contamination.  Please do assist with the cleaning after Mass if you are fit and able (speak to the Marshall about the cleaning regime).


17th Sunday of the Year


First Reading: The miracle described here shows God’s concern for his people during a time of famine. The bread in question was the bread of the first fruits, which was meant to be offered to God. But instead of offering it to God, Elisha, the prophet of the old covenant, gave it to the people. The left overs stress God’s generosity. The link with Gospel.

For this Sunday and the next four Sundays the Gospel readings come Chapter Six of Six of St.  John’s Gospel. John has no account of the institution of the Eucharist. But this chapter more than compensates for that.

Like Elisha, Jesus, the prophet of the new covenant, feeds hungry people, and does so even more astonishing. Even though both feedings are miraculous there is an essential human element I each, without which no miracle is possible.

There are clear Eucharistic overtones in the way the miracle is related. Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed them to the people. It is meant to remind us of the what he did at the Last supper. John is introducing the theme of the Eucharist which will be dealt with explicitly in John6:51-58 (Twentieth Sunday).

The people misunderstood the meaning of the miracle. They take Jesus to be the prophet and king who will fulfil all their material hopes and ambitions. This Jesus rejects and retires from the scene. He is God’s spokesman and the true Messiah but not as understood by his contemporaries.


Mass Times and Intentions:

Mass is celebrated from Monday to Saturday at 9.30am. Sunday Masses are: 6pm (Saturday evening), 9.30am, 11.15am & 5.30pm.

The parish website, has details of the weekly Mass Intentions.

Parishioners, please carefully consider your health, especially if you have any additional risk factors when thinking about attending Mass in person. Also consider the less popular times to try and reduce numbers in the Church.

Blessed Sacrament

The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed on Friday evening from 7:30pm, with Benediction following at 8:30pm.


Please pray for Brian Murphy whose funeral will be on Tuesday July 27th at 12.30pm at St Anthony’s, then 2.00pm at West Norwood Cemetery and Richard Maple whose funeral will be at 12 noon at St Anthony’s on Tuesday August 17th, May their souls rest in peace.

Thank you

Those who continue to steward at Mass, clean the Church, read at Mass, arrange flowers, or help in  the background, are thanked for their generous help, especially in these difficult times.

Covid restrictions

The government has relaxed restrictions to counter the Covid pandemic from July 19th. However, we will continue to observe the same measures that we currently have in place (see overleaf) until the and of August. This will give us time to see how the Covid numbers develop in the weeks ahead and then assess risk.

Re-dedication of side alter

The right-hand side alter in St Anthony’s has been rededicated to the Holy Family. In this year of St Joseph,  this is particularly appropriate.

Covid-19 support group

For those suffering after having Covid-19, a support group has been put in place. Contact Father Sunith for details.

 Marriage and Family Life South East

For those celebrating their 1st, 10th, 25th, 40th, 50th or 60th wedding anniversary this year, there will be a special Mass at St George’s Cathedral on Saturday October 9th. Please get in touch with as soon as possible to receive an invitation from the Archbishop. Include St Anthony’s Parish in the title of your email and provide your names in the format Mary and John Smith and your home address. Please note that paces are limited.

Local Food Bank

Please help support families in need by contributing to the food bank held at Christ Church, at the corner of Maple and Anerley Roads.  Food donations are collected on Fridays only.  If you would like to donate then please leave your donations at the back of the Church.

Newsletter Notices

If you have a notice for the Parish Newsletter, please email it to the presbytery (

Financial Support

We appreciate your continued care and support for our parish community, especially with the uncertainty and financial instability  the pandemic has brought. Parishioners can contribute directly to the Parish bank account: Natwest Bank Beckenham Branch, sort code 60 02 12  and account number 46000208. Tax payers, please join the Gift Aid programme allowing our parish to increase the value of every donation it receives from tax payers by 25%. We greatly value your assistance.

Gift Aid Boxes

The Gift Aid Boxes are available for collection from the back of the Church. Please pick up your box as soon as you can.

Helping Catholics to Return

Contact a team that offers a non-judgemental forum to help reconnect with their Catholic faith:


Please take this newsletter home with you and for those travelling over the summer take good care.

If you know of someone who would like a copy of this newsletter then please take one and pop it through their letter box.





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