Pentecost Sunday (C)


Pentecost Sunday (C)

Mass Readings: 294 – 298

Order of Mass: Pages 7 – 60

The awesome story of the Christian Pentecost,  fifty days after Jesus’ resurrection, is today’s Acts of the Apostles. St. Luke, its author, initiates this new creation in the same way in which he tends to highlight important events of Jesus’ life. He now introduces the dawning of the age of the Holy Spirit as the dominant reality in the life of humankind.

The activity of the Spirit is the subject of the Acts of the Apostles. The Spirit instructs the early missionaries, is the driving force in proclaiming the message of salvation, is responsible for conversion to the new faith, gives strength in persecution, is the inspiration for St. Paul’s journeys. And all God’s saving activity until the end of time is due to loving action of the Holy Spirit.

The greatest marvel was the fact that weak, timid and shallow men were changed into bold and wise men who would reach the ends of the earth to proclaim Jesus. When the crowds saw fullness of joy in the Apostles and the wonders they were working, they were amazed. The phenomenon of the proclaiming of the Gospel message in all languages seemed to point to the beginning of a universal experience—the Church that would reach all mankind.

Through the Ministry of the Church, whenever we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit’s action in our lives, we experience a little Pentecost. Little Pentecosts happen whenever we use the special gifts gently given us by the Spirit to serve all the other members of the community of humankind. They happen whenever we cooperate with God’s inspiration to bring peace, to unify our parish, to do a good deed to help a needy neighbour, to think kindly thoughts of others, or allow God to forgive our sins.

Sunday Teas:

This Sunday teas will be served by the UCM.

Next Sunday’s teas will be served by the French Speaking Prayer Group.

Thank you to all those who help out with the Sunday Teas.

Last Sunday’s Collections:  The 1st collection was £652.47p +  £326.22p in Gift Aid envelopes giving us a parish total of £978.69p.  The 2nd collection for the Catholic Trust for England & Wales was £63.98p. Thank you for your generosity.  The 2nd collection today is in support of the Catholic Communications Network in spreading the Gospel.

Recently Deceased: Please pray for the souls and families of baby Koby Leith Hinds and Michael Thomas O’Connor. Baby Koby Leith Hinds funeral will be on Friday 5th July at 12.45pm followed by Beckenham Crematorium at 2pm.

Michael Thomas O’Connor’s funeral will be at 2.45pm on Thursday 20th June at Beckenham Crematorium.

 Blessed Sacrament: We will continue to have exposition of the Blessed Sacrament  every Friday from 7:30pm to 8:30pm until further notice.

Spirituality and Reflection: This month’s DVD for Spirituality and Reflection will be screened at 7.30pm on Tuesday 11th June in the Parish Centre.  All are welcome.

Baptism Preparation: The next classes will be on the 20th and 27th June. Please note that both sessions must be attended. There will be no further baptism classes until September.

Confirmation 2020: Please complete an application form if you wish to be confirmed in 2020. The forms (red) are in the Narthex. Confirmation classes will be starting very soon.

Annual Parish Picnic: The annual Parish Picnic will be held next weekend, on Sunday 16th June (after the 11.15am Mass in the garden behind the Parish Centre). Please come along and bring food and drink to share with fellow parishioners. It is a great opportunity to socialize and meet other people in the parish. All are welcome.

Gift Aid Envelopes: Please collect your new boxed sets of envelopes for use from June 2019 which are at the back of the church. If you cannot find your box, or if you require a box, please tell one of the priests and we will sort it out. Thank you for your continued support. (Noel Maloney, gift-aid scheme organiser) 

Divine Mercy Conference: Saturday 15th June from 10.45am to 6pm at the Church of Our Lady, Mother of the Church, 2 Windsor Road, Ealing Broadway, London  W5 5PD.  The main speaker is Sister Briege McKenna OSC.  Entrance is by ticket only – registration: donation £12 per person.  Only pre-booked tickets available.  To secure your place please send the cheque/PO to MARIAN FATHERS with your address.  Your ticket will be sent by return post.

Annual Martyrs’ Walk: Please see the notice board for details of the Annual Martyrs’ Walk and other history walks in London (including an evening on Cardinal John Henry Newman).  The Annual Martyrs’ Walk is on the 23rd June and commemorates the heroes of the faith who witnessed even to death.  The walk follows the route they took from Newgate to their execution in Tyburn.

Annual Day of Celebration for the Disabled: Southwark’s annual day of celebration for the disabled will be held on Sunday 7 July at The Friars, Aylesford 12-4pm.  People with disabilities and their carers from across the archdiocese and beyond are invited for a joyous day of prayer, art, music and fun. Archbishop Peter Smith will celebrate a memorial Mass for the recently deceased founder of L’Arche, Jean Vanier at 12 noon.  Mass is followed by a picnic in the grounds (please bring packed lunch).  Workshops will include a mini petting zoo with everything from hawks and snakes to giant cockroaches and skunks. The art workshop will explore the theme of the day with colourful displays and fun activities. Hone your circus skills with our entertainer Circus Rico!  The day is organised by the Centre for Catholic Formation and is free for all. If you have groups who work with the disabled in your parish or local area we’d love to see you there.

General Security: For reasons of church security please do not leave anything in the narthex without permission from Fr Sunith. If you see anything that looks suspicious, please tell one of the priests.

Note for Gift Aiders: We are now finalising our 2019 claim for the return of Gift Aid Tax from HMRC, This refund is only allowed if you have paid sufficient tax on your income. If the income tax you have paid or will pay for the tax year ended 05/04/2019 does not cover the rebate being claimed by us on your donations (25p per pound donated), please let Fr Sunith know as soon as possible, so that we can amend our records. Meanwhile, thank you for your continuing support for this worthy cause.

Please pray for the sick of the Parish: John Whelan, John Barry, Mercie Ihekweme-Hill, and Michael Creech.


MASS TIMES AND INTENTIONS (9th June—16th June 2019)  (Year: C)


Sunday                             9th     PENTECOST SUNDAY (C)
(Saturday) …. 6:00pm




  Arthur DeVine Jones  RIP

Daniel, Iris May & Dorothy Guest

Thanksgiving (Benedicta Daku)

People of the Parish

Monday                            10th     Mary, Mother of the Church
     9:30am   Evelyn Edwards (Wellbeing)
Tuesday                           11th     St Barnabas, apostle


  Cyril Edwards  RIP

Wellbeing of Iain Meyer

Wednesday                     12th     Feria
  9:30am   Fr Huebert Miranda  RIP
Thursday                         13th     St Anthony of Padua


  All Priests who served at St Anthony’s

Parishioners’ Intentions


Friday                               14th       Feria
                   9:30am   Eamonn Crean  RIP
Saturday                           15th     Feria
  9:30am   Fr Jonathan  (Int.)
Sunday                              16th


                        (Saturday) ……











People of the Parish

Patrick, Alice & Liam Kelly  RIP

Deceased of the Hutson & Burke Families

Birthdays of Terence & Tyra Dzanta


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