Twenty-Second Sunday (B)


Twenty-Second Sunday (B)

Mass Readings: 124- 126

Order of Mass: Pages 7 – 47

   Moses and the law are once more put before us and linked with Jesus Christ’s  teaching. The first reading shows Moses laying out the law as a way and guideline to be observed carefully so that people of Israel may enter the land promised by the Lord. They will also be seen as wise and understanding by others. Moses, though he gave the law firmly, saw acceptance and keeping of it as something to give Israel the status and respect of a great nation, asserting no other nation was to God or had laws and customs to match his whole Law. As we know if we read these earlier books, there were very detailed and numerous injections set down and these became more and more oppressive and binding under the guidance of the Scribes and Pharisees.

And also Christ, in his own day, hit out at the Scribes and Pharisees for placing impossible burdens on people. Today’s reading finds Jesus up against just this kind of situation where he is attacked because his disciples do not do the customary washing of hands and arms before they eat. Jesus refers them to Isaiah who he say speaks of them when he writes: The people honour me only with lip service, while their hearts are far from me.

For ourselves, we are once more asked to look at our own lives. Are we just paying lip-service to the teachings of Christ and his Church? Is our worship worthless? Are the doctrines we teach and use mere human regulations? Worship, prayer, way of life—each of the Law which makes us live. That Spirit of the law can be summed up in the one great command to love God  and Neighbour, both must be the focus of our love.

Sunday Teas:

This Sunday’s teas will be served by the Knights of St Columba.

Next Sunday teas will be served by the UCM.

Thank you to all those who help out with the Sunday Teas.

Last Sunday’s Collections: The 1st collection was £412.38p + £287.78p in Gift Aid envelopes giving us a parish total of £700.16p. The 2nd collection for our Church Repair Fund 2018 was £102.30p. Thank you for your generosity. Today’s 2nd collection is for our Church Repair Fund 2018. Next week’s 2nd collection will be for the Catholic Education Service.

Parish Email Address: Please note that the Parish email address has now changed to

First Friday Silent Adoration: Please remember that the First Friday Silent Adoration of Jesus Christ is on in our Parish this coming Friday (7th September). It starts at 7.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. in our Church every 1st. Friday of each Month.  We appeal to parishioners for donation of 1 hour out of the 720 hours God gives each of us each Month. Please let’s ‘watch an hour’ (Mk 14.34) with Him.  Remember, we can’t out do God in generosity.

First Holy Communion Classes: Please note that the Parents Meeting will be on Thursday 13th September at 7.30pm in the Parish Centre.
The next key dates for September are Saturday 15th September, Sunday 16th September (Commitment Mass), Tuesday 25th September and Saturday 29th September.

Annual Parish Pilgrimage: Minister Abbey and Broadstairs – Saturday 29th September, 8:30am start. Cost £25 which includes a £6 donation to the Abbey. Booking with fares will be taken after all masses each weekend from 6:00pm Saturday 8th September.

RCIA: RCIA classes will be beginning again soon so if you are interested in becoming a Catholic then please fill in a green form (found in the Narthex) and give it to one of the clergy.  Thank you.

Knights of St Columba Annual Parish Barn Dance: This will be held on Friday 19th October at the Melvin Hall, Melvin Road.  It will start at 7.30pm.  Price of admission is £8 for adults.  The Knights will be selling tickets later this month.

Bromley Homeless Shelter: The Bromley Homeless Shelter is a Christian organisation that operates a year round advice service and a winter Night Shelter in Central Bromley.  There are plans to open a second winter Night Shelter in Penge.  Volunteers will be needed to help out with a variety of roles so please take a look at this webpage and think about whether you can offer some help or support to this worthy cause.

Sound Proof Panels: If your child is crying or making lots of noise then please take them into the Narthex where sound proof panels have now been fitted.  Thank you.

Church Repairs: Until further notice, on Sundays where there is no diocesan collection, all our retiring collections will go towards our church restoration fund.  In addition, one of the wall boxes (near to the water font at the side door) has been re-allocated to this fund.  Any donations will be much appreciated.  If you are a registered gift-aider, please put donations in an envelope with your name or unique gift aid number on it, and we will be able to reclaim the tax that you have already paid to HMRC on them.

Pro-Life Today: Please take a copy of Pro -Life Today.  It is a special campaign issue. The aim is for people to write to their M.P’s to oppose abortion decriminalisation.

Repository: Please remember to take a look at the repository before you leave the Church, there is a good range and variety of cards available as well as beautiful bibles, books and gifts.

Mass Intentions:  There are some vacant week-day mass intention slots still available for September & October. Please let us know if you wish to arrange a mass for these times. Please do not email requests to the presbytery.  Thank you.

Car Park: Please be considerate when you are parking.  Please do NOT block the entrance.  Your car may get damaged and the Church will not accept any responsibility for it.

Hospital Admissions: If you are due to be admitted to hospital or if you know of a parishioner who has been admitted to hospital then please let one of the clergy know.  Thank you.

Please pray for the sick of the Parish: John Barry, Mercie Ihekweme-Hill, Kieran Quinn, Michael Creech and John McManus.


MASS TIMES AND INTENTIONS (2nd Sept—9th Sept  2018) (Year: B)


Sunday                           2nd     TWENTY-SECOND SUNDAY (B) 
(Saturday) …. 6:00pm




  The Sick & the Housebound

People of the Parish

Olga & Lancelot Trype  RIP

Martha Maloney  RIP

Monday                          3rd     St Gregory the Great, pope
     9:30am   Fr David Minchen  RIP
Tuesday                          4th     Feria




  Fr Chuck Blankenship  RIP

John McManus

Wednesday                      5th     Feria




  Mgr  Leo  White  RIP
Thursday                        6th       Feria
  9:30am   For all the Sick & Housebound in the parish
Friday                             7th     Feria


  Martha Maloney  RIP
Saturday                         8th      The Nativity of the BVM 
  9:30am   Bill & James Kirby  RIP
Sunday                             9th   


(Saturday) ….                     










Ellen Sweeney  RIP

Mrs M Monteiro  RIP

People of the Parish

Joe Figueira

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