Twenty-Third Sunday (C)


Twenty-Third Sunday (C)

Mass Readings: 133 – 136

Order of Mass: Pages 7 – 60

First reading we hear the conclusion of Solomon’s prayer for wisdom. Our passage insists that no one can arrive at God’s counsel without wisdom. God, creator of the universe, is all wise. In contrast, faced with the mysteries of the universe, the meaning of history, and the mind of the Creator, human beings are ignorant. However, God does not leave us in our ignorance, but bestows the gift of wisdom on all who humbly seek it.

In the Gospel Jesus on his way to Jerusalem. He knew that suffering, rejection and death awaited him at the end of that journey. But it seems that some Galileans regarded it as a victory march of the Messiah. In no uncertain terms Jesus disillusioned them.

Knowing that his disciples would have to face a similar challenge, Jesus spoke about the cost of discipleship. He didn’t literally mean hating one’s father

The two short parables make the point that discipleship is a serious calling. It could mean persecution and even death. In this, as in any other sphere of life, one shouldn’t walk into it blindly. One must calculate the cost before setting out, and see if one has what it takes.

In the second reading Philemon was a Colossian  who had been converted by Paul himself. His slave Onesimus had run away and had somehow reached Paul in prison. Paul wants to send him back to his to his master and provides a covering letter. He urges Philemon to take Onesimus back, not as a slave, but as a brother, since he is now a Christian like himself.

Sunday Teas:

This Sunday’s teas will be served by the UCM.

The next Sunday teas will be served by

the French Speaking Prayer Group.

Thank you to all those who help out with the Sunday Teas.

Last Sunday’s Collections: The 1st collection was £533.68p +£335.50p in Gift Aid envelopes giving us a parish total of £869.18p. The 2nd collection for Parish Funds was £200.73p. Thank you for your generosity. Today’s 2nd collection is for the Catholic Education Service (promoting Catholic education in schools in England & Wales).

Blessed Sacrament: We will continue to have exposition of the Blessed Sacrament every Friday from 7:30pm to 8:30pm.

Spirituality and Reflection: Once a month, we are showing a series of DVDs for personal growth. The next film will be screened on Tuesday 10th September at 7:30pm in the Parish Centre. The film will last approximately 1hr, all are welcome.

Baptism preparation: The next class (2nd of 2 classes) will be held on the Thursday 12th of September at 7.30pm in the Parish Centre (4 Genoa Road).

You Can Help Your MarriageDo you feel alone? Are you frustrated or angry with each other? Do you argue … or have you just stopped talking to each other? Does talking about it only make it worse? Retrouvaille (pronounced retro-vi with a long i) helps couples through difficult times in their marriages. There is no group therapy or group work. This programme has helped 10s of 1000s of couples experiencing difficulties in their marriage. For confidential information about Retrouvaille, or to register for the next programme commencing with a residential weekend on 13th – 15th September 2019  Call or text 0788 7296983 or 0797 3380443 or Email – or visit

Annual Parish Pilgrimage: St Mary’s Shrine at West Grinstead and afternoon in Worthing. – Saturday 28th September 2019 – £25 which includes a £5 donation to St Marys’. Bookings will be taken from this weekend 7th/8th Sept and every weekend up to the 28th.

First Reconciliation and Communion 2020: The parent are invited come to the first meeting  Monday 16th at 7.30pm in the parish centre. This meeting is only for the parents. If you child in age 8 or year 3 or above   to discuss the programme next year.

Lighting Candles: Please take care when lighting candles in the Church.  Please ensure that the candle wax does not drip onto the newly treated floor.

Building a Better Marriage: You are invited to a celebration of your marriage. However long you have been married, come along to St Columba’s, Selsdon, South Croydon, from 9.45am till 4.30pm on Saturday 28 September. The day is for couples, whether one or both are Catholics, with average-to-good marriages who would like to make them a bit better. Booking is essential: phone 07983 524 727 or email

Barn Dance 2019:  Please place a note on your calendar that the Knights of St Columba will be holding their popular annual parish event on Friday 11th October. Further details to be advised and tickets go on sale very soon.

Alpha Courses: Over the past couple of years, hundreds of people in our Deanery have experienced Alpha. One adult participant’s feedback was, “Amazing experience 10/10!” A young person on Youth Alpha described it as “Awesome!” Why did they like it so much? Find out for yourself at Holy Innocents’ Orpington this Autumn. Adult Alpha – Friday lunchtimes or evenings starting 20th September. Youth Alpha (Year 9 up to 19yrs) – Sundays starting 22nd September. Contact Stephen Walsh (07778 612050/ for more details.

Beginning Experience: A healing weekend for men and women who are separated, divorced or widowed will be held from 18th-20th October at the Domus Mariae Centre, Chigwell, Essex. For more information phone 01322 838415 or email

Please pray for the sick of the Parish: John Barry, Mercie Ihekweme-Hill, and Michael Creech.


MASS TIMES AND INTENTIONS (8th Sept—15th Sept 2019)  (Year: C)


Sunday                              8th     TWENTY-THIRD SUNDAY (C)
(Saturday) …. 6:00pm




  People of the Parish

Deceased of the Monteiro Family

Olga & Lancelot Trype  RIP

Bill & James Kirby  RIP

Monday                             9th     Feria
     9:30am   Joe Figueira  RIP
Tuesday                           10th     Feria




  Brigid Durkin  RIP

Evelyn Edwards

Wednesday                      11th     Feria
  9:30am   Fr Gerry O’Brien  RIP
Thursday                         12th     Feria


  Irene & Alfred Bishop
Friday                              13th     St John Chrysostom




  Ints of the Maloney Family
Saturday                          14th     The Exaltation of The Holy Cross
  9:30am   Martha Maloney  RIP
Sunday                             15th


                       (Saturday) ……











Ellen & Alex Sweeney  RIP

People of the Parish

John & Ruby Meyer  RIP

John Yarnley  RIP





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